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Nigel Stirzaker
Hi, my name is Nigel Stirzaker, I am the current chair of FCC, the PTA of Christ’s College. I volunteer because I want to raise funds to give our children more opportunities than I had growing up in the 70s and 80s. I want them to be able to fly higher and further than we have. Having a home, owned or rented, is a struggle these days as the world and work gets more and more competitive. The PTA’s role is to generate money for activities and items that will enhance our children’s all-round education, not necessarily academic but more soft-skills which are essential to get along in the today’s work environments. In the past, we have raised money to part-fund internet safety workshops, hire coaches to take year groups to a career fairs and most recently we have bought the school’s brand-new football kit. All public schools are short of money, resources, staff and have to work within complex bureaucratic frameworks that our successive governments have designed in an effort to improve things. As a PTA we try and identify needs and provide funds to meet those needs. So, why am I a part of the PTA? Because it allows me to play a part in making things better.
Sarah Howe
My name is Sarah Hedger-Howe, I am Treasurer for Friends of Christ’s College. I have a son who started in Christ’s College in September 2018 and I have a younger son who started in 2020. I joined the Christ’s College Committee in 2019 as I have a passion for supporting schools where there is a greater need for fundraising and parent support. Currently there are 6 parent members on the Committee. We always encourage more parents to join our friendly team. I have been on the Committee for Weyfield Primary Academy School for several years so have a lot of fundraising experience. For a Secondary School it is harder to raise money, because as parents we are far more removed, but our small team tries to engage with parents and students to help make the Friends of Christ’s College be a real part of the school community. I come from a PA background so have a lot of experience in organisation and administration, but my key asset is being a people person, so please don’t hesitate to speak to me if you feel you would like to join the team or help in anyway as I am very approachable! You will find me at most 2nd Hand Uniform sales too where I help Sandra Philips of our team.
Margareth Mayersbeth
Hi my name is Margareth Mayersbeth, I have two children at Christ’s College, one started in September 2017 and another in 2019. I have helped FCC since November 2019 and it has been really great to meet at Worplesdon Place with the FCC team to come up with ideas for building up our school’s community and to raise funds. I have taken on the role of secretarial duties for FCC. I have recently become an exam invigilator and volunteer at the school’s library regularly during the day. Fortnightly I enjoy attending Parents Prayer in the Chapel to pray for our school too. I have been a class representative in my children’s primary school and enjoy getting together building up the school’s community. Nigel and I knew each other from Ripley Primary School, a local school which had to go through closure. It was a painful process and this made me realize even more how important parental input, community, fundraising and positivity is for a school, no matter what size the school is.
Sandra Philips
Hi my name is Sandra Philips. I have 2 boys at Christ’s College. One started in 2017 and the other it 2019. I have been involved in FCC since 2018. I help run the 2nd hand uniform sales along with Sarah and I help at events like the summer festival serving refreshments etc. I was also involved in my boy’s previous school’s PTA too. Having been involved in both I can definitely say that there is less pressure in a secondary school’s PTA.
Stuart Kennedy
I joined the school in September 2000, so have been part of this community for 20yrs now. During that time I have been a full time teacher, head of department and now a member of the leadership team. I have had several roles and responsibilities on the leadership team but one of my favourite things has been as the CLT link for Friends of Christ’s College. I joined in 2012 having been asked by Mr Green to link FCC with the 6th Form. Little did I know the impact it would have on me. I serve as a point of contact and help for FCC. Offering the college point of view or answering questions. I help with getting the student body to work with FCC and between us we all work out what the staff or students need and I liaise with FCC to see how they can help. Over the years FCC has raised so much money for the school and they have had a huge impact on education and students at the college. I get to see first hand the good that they do for the students here and it is amazing how supportive they have been. From rewards schemes to lunchtime benches to 2nd hand uniform and internet safety training...FCC fundraising events have provided a broad range of things that add value to the college. Working with FCC has been a real pleasure and a privilege. It never seems like work to me, we have a lot of fun at our regular meets. They are informal but focussed. I get to discuss school with parents and I learn a lot about the parents point of view. Often taking this information back to Mrs Hatch and the leadership team so we can make improvements or change perceptions. FCC remains a really important part of the school and I could not recommend it highly enough.
Zed Annan
Hi My name is Zed Annan and I have worked at Christ's College for almost 4 years. I am the Student Development Lead which incorporates lots of different aspects of the school, including leading on careers and mental health & Wellbeing. I am also a part of the safeguarding team. Having only recently joined the FCC I can honestly say how welcoming they all are. The sense of community is one of the many things that makes me love working at CCG and the FCC are always supportive and wanting to do the best for the school. It Is always great to have new people join! Look forward to seeing some new faces at our monthly meetings!
Hanna Morris
Hi, my name is Hanna Morris. I have two children at Christ’s College who joined in September 2020. I have a son in year 8 and a daughter in year 7. I have only recently become involved with the PTA but help out wherever I can. I like to get involved and be part of the community, helping to raise important funds for the school.
Sylvia Owen
Hello I'm Sylvia Owen I have a child in year 7. I work with adults with a learning disabilities part-time and so I've always been involved in helping Stoughton and Northmead schools through helping at functions:school fairs, Christmas fairs and also in school with listening to children read. I feel it's so important to know that your child knows you're involved in their lives and also get to know teachers and have fun. With Christ's College I hope that I can contribute in a small way and good to feel involved in aspects of school life even through the pandemic way of working. Sylvia Owen