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The Friend's of Christ's College, the school's PTA, is a vital part of the school community, who work throughout the year fundraising for the benefit of Christ’s College students.

The current committee members are:
Role Name
Chair Nigel Stirzaker
Treasurer Sarah Hedger-Howe
Secretary Margareth Mayersbeth
2nd Hand Uniform Sales Sandra Philips
Member Hanna Morris
Member Sylvia Owen
Staff Representative Stuart Kennedy
Staff Representative Zed Annan
Next FCC Committee Meeting (At the Jovial Sailor Ripley)
Wednesday 3rd November at 6:30 pm
Next 2nd Hand Uniform Sale ( See Details )
Wednesday 24th November from 3:15 pm until approximately 4:15 pm
In the past few years, we have been able to provide the school with funds for
  • the outdoor table-tennis tables,
  • the school’s new personalised football kits,
  • some language dictionaries
and we are raising funds for an outdoor shelter as requested by the students.
If you would like to help out as a Committee member or help raise money, please contact us on the email below. There are numerous ways to help!